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道DOU CO2 Whiten Mousse Pack / Moist Rich CO2 Pack (50ml)


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【道DOU】 CO2 Whiten Mousse Pack / Moist Rich CO2 Pack (50ml) Easy to use and it’s work! Mousse-like carbonated foam, focusing on whiten and brighten your skin, remove stains, dark and acne printed!

Especially effective to remove the pale & yellow & dark color on face, as well as other area with similar problems. It can moist your skin while applying this miracle mousse! NO NEED to wash after applying the mousse, can be use anytime anywhere!

No only for face, can be used for other parts of your anxiety (such as spots or area with dull color, like neck, elbow, armpit, etc.), there will not be any drop! Previously, some of cosmetics ingredients cannot be used on skincare products, but now has been compounded and improved, without washing but only generally massage mousse onto your skin! Then apply with your daily skin care or makeup as usual! Just that simple! Easy way to soften the dull skin and acne printed!

Pure Vitamin C + Linoleic Acid – Special Ingredients Make skin with “brighten”, “Moist” and “transparency” melanin in linoleic acid and ascorbic acid blocking cells.

Bubble contact with oxygen results in a combination of pure vitamin C and linoleic acid, which is easily oxidized. This combination prevents melanin production and brings the skin’s brighten, moist with transparency.

Various ingredients:

– 3 kinds of Vitamin C and Linoleic acid make your skin glittering and transparent.

– 12 kinds of plant extract bring moisture and gloss to your skin.

– 4 kinds of ingredients for brightening.

-10 kinds of cosmetic ingredients realize soft and resilient skin.


1. Spray a little mousse (size like a penny) directly onto the area with dull skin or the ance printed, or wherever you want to whiten, soften and lighten.

2. Keep the mousse / foam on that area for about 5-10 minutes (The mousse is start working on area)

3. After that, generally massaging the mousse / foam evenly throughout of your face, or surrounding area. No need to wash away, apply with your daily skin care steps or makeup as usual.

* Note: Do not reverse, do not shake the bottle strongly.

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