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道DOU Moist Rich CO2 Pack (40g+7g)


HKD$339.00 | Gold Membership Price


An unique, effective and safe products that with special effects DOU CO2 Mask!

10x moisturizing, 10x absorption, minimize of pores, against the stains!                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Patented technology research and development to stimulate the synthesis of

collagen, the rapid activation of skin cells to achieve immediate repair!

(This technology of mask in Japan are patented and certificate)

Significant improvement / Specially effective in:

Dull, dark yellow skin

Fine lines, wrinkles


Ance printed, color stains

Redness after facial treatment

Sensitive after facial treatment

* Recommended for continuously uses every day lasting for 14-21 days to achieve the best results! Then 1-2 times per week for maintenance purposes.                                                                               Patented formula, 3 special characteristics:

1. Compared with similar products in the market, this is patented EX version! Ingredients can lead to penetrate to deeply skin, ultra-efficient moisturizing, increase brightness, flexibility and transparency of skin, efficient on minimizing of pores,sharpen your face at the same time.

2. Most of CO2 mask in market, usually mixed with a pack of gel and a pack of powder, have to mix and let all powder melt in the gel in a short time, stirring time will

directly affect the evaporation of CO2, will also affect the result of the mask. At the same time, the powder is more difficult to control and mix well, very embarrassed. “

DOU” CO2 Mask contains two packs of gels, more easy to handle, and CO2 can lock in the gel which can totally apply deeply to your skin when use.

3. Those CO2 mask in the market will not be solid, and need to wash with water and spend a long time to clean the thick gel, complicated to handle which not convenient, spent time. “DOU” CO2 Mask is the only CO2 mask that can becomes solid then tear off without using water to clean it up. According to personal preferences, coated with personal skin care products. After 30-45 minutes, the mixed CO2 gel is still

working, try to apply to other part of your dull area (such as neck).

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