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Aromatic Wood Aroma Diffuser 150ml


HKD$478.00 | Gold Membership Price


THANN Aroma Diffuser is innovated as the new alternatives which naturally diffuse fragrance into the air to create a blissful aroma in your room. The design of glass container ensures the simplicity and elegance to deliver the aromatic luxury feels to your room. The sweetness of orange and tangerine essential oils creates a sense of joy and uplifting ambience. Nutmeg essential oil helps relieve stress and tension. No alcohol • 40% pure essential oils formula

How to use:
Put diffuser sticks into the container to absorb scented oil. Reserse the sticks after 4 hours for the first time and every weeks



Orange Tangarine Nutmeg, Bergamot, Pepper
Product Ingredients: Nutmeg | Tangerine | Orange |


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