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Dried Seafood Gift Set (Dried Mushroom + Sliced Whelk + Dried Scallops)


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Function / Indications:

Main ingredients:

Ingredients: Dried mushroom, conch meat, scallops


Dried mushroom preparation method:

Wash with water and soak for about 2 hours to remove impurities and cut off the stem. Wait for the mushroom to absorb water and expand.

Braise for 1 hour, or stew for 2 hours.

Conch meat preparation method:

Soak in water for about 2 hours, rinse and change the water during the soaking period, and cook with other ingredients.

Scallop preparation method:

Steamed in whole shell; steamed over water for 30 minutes and then separated for cooking; soaked in water or broth for about 1 hour.


Net weight of dried mushroom: 226.8g

Net weight of conch meat: 151.2g

Net weight of scallops: 151.2g


Origin of Dried mushroom: China

Origin of conch meat: Africa

Origin of scallops: Japan

Storage instructions: This product is a natural crop and is easily affected by natural factors from the external environment. After opening, it should be refrigerated and kept away from high temperature and humid places. Although the quality has been screened during packaging, natural changes during storage cannot be completely avoided, so please pay attention before consumption.

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