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Far Infrared Nursing Bra


HKD$533.00HKD$533.00 | Gold Membership Price


Our revolutionary far infrared nursing bra – the perfect blend of comfort, functionality and technology. Designed to meet the needs of new mothers, this bra combines the latest far infrared technology with our signature style to provide the ultimate nursing experience.

Crafted using the latest far infrared materials, this bra provides a soft and gentle touch to your delicate skin. The far infrared technology embedded in the fabric promotes blood circulation, reducing imflammation and promoting healing. this is especially beneficial for new mothers who experience tenderness.

The adjustable straps and back closure ensure a perfect fit, while the supportive band provides gentle compression to your chest, providing maximum support and comfort.

Experience the benefits of infrared technology while enjoying the convenience and comfort of a high-quality nursing bra.

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