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Flocath Quick, Nelaton Tip, 40 Cm, Sterile


HKD$465.00HKD$465.00 | Gold Membership Price


Flocath Quick Bladder Catheter System – the ultimate solution for those who want optimum comfort during intermittent catherisation.

Crafted with DEHP-free PVC and designed with softly rounded eyes and a cylindrical Nelation tip, our Flocath Quick catheter system offers superior comfort and mobility for users.

Its hydrophilic coating ensures fast and consistent hydration, while its heat-polished drainage openings provide effective drainage.

Flocath is ready to use within seconds, and its septic handling and protective catheter sleeve ensure maximum hygiene and safety during use. Its packaging hole and self-adhesive patch make it easy to handle and secure, while its expendable design allows for connection to a drainage bag for added convenience.

Experience the freedom and confidence that comes with superior urinary care, and enjoy a better quality of life with the Flocath Quick Bladder Catheter System.

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