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Nutricair Enteral Syringe, Sterile


HKD$252.00HKD$252.00 | Gold Membership Price


ENFIT Enteral Syringes ISOSAF in various sizes 5ml to 60ml, designed to ensure safety and ease of use during enteral feeding. The female ENFIT connector (ISO 80369-3) helps reduce misconnections between different delivery systems, providing a safer experience for patients.

Each syringe is individually wrapped in a sealed peel-pouch and features a purple syringe piston for easy identification. These syringes are compatible with most enteral feed tubes and devices, making them a versatile and reliable choice for enteral feeding.

With a CE mark, you can trust in the quality and safety of our ENFIT Enteral Syringes. Upgrade your enteral feeding system today and experience the benefits of our ISOSAF syringes.

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