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Supreme Herbal Jelly 300g


HKD$45.00 | Gold Membership Price


Wai Yuen Tong Supreme Herbal Jelly is made from our secret recipe, which consists of 20 kinds of high quality Chinese herbs. Simply enjoy with nutritional honey cup enclosed which can moisturize and nourish your throat.


Wai Yuen Tong Supreme Herbal Jelly is suitable for tackling problems like agitation, dampness heat symptoms, accumulation of toxic in the body, dry mouth and thirst.


Water, White Sugar, Mesona Powder(Mesona, Starch), Mesona, Cape Jasmine Fruit, Liquorice Root, Prepared Liquorice Root, Papodatree Flower, Japanese Honeysuckle Flower, Dandelion, Chinese Angelica, Glabrous Greenbrier Rhizome, Tortoise Carapace and Plastron, American Ginseng, Indian Bread, Prepared Rehmannia Root, Prepared Fleeceflower Root, Fragrant Solomonseal Rhizome, Longan Aril, Common Yam Rhizome, Lily Bulb, Eucommia Bark, Processed Twotoothed Achyranthes Root


Can be served hot or cold. For hot serving, simply remove the cap and the film, place the herbal jelly in a microwaveable container. Serving is ready after mircomaving it on medium heat for 1 minute. Beware: filling is hot.


Net Weight 300g per cup


Not to be used by pregnant women. If discomfort or hypersensitivity occurs, please stop taking and consult your doctor. Please do not consume if the package is broken. Store in cool and dry place or keep refrigerated. Prevent from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

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