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TT 200 3-in-1 Electro Therapy Device


HKD$617.50 | Gold Membership Price


TENS, EMS and massage with multiple programs
The 3 in 1 electrotherapy device TT 200 can be used with multiple programs in form of TENS, EMS and massage. The EMS therapy is suitable for 9 body parts: neck, shoulder, arm, hand, back, stomach, hip, leg and foot. With TENS therapy it is possible to also treat joints. For all body parts, there are also 3 massage programs to choose from: kneading, rubbing and tapping.

22 pre-programs with an adjustable duration of 5 to 90 minutes ensure optimal pain therapy and pain relief and 40 adjustable intensity levels allow an individual adaptation to the user. The large display always ensures good readability.

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