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The Ultrasorbs Absorbent Underpads


HKD$146.00 | Gold Membership Price


Dimensions: 24 X 36″

The Ultrasorbs Absorbent Underpads quickly absorbs and locks in moisture, it feels dry to touch in minutes, keeping you dry and comfortable. Its soft and gentle surface is kind to your skin, while its AquaShield film backing prevents fluid leaking, providing superior protection and allowing for fewer linen changes.

The ULTRASORB absorbent underpad is ideal for those who suffer from incontinence, bedwetting, or other bladder control issues, and is also great for use during post-surgery recovery or maternity care. It lies flat when wet without bunching or swelling, ensuring comfort at all times. Its convenient size and disposable design make it easy to use and dispose of, reducing the hassle and mess associated with traditional underpads.

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