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Fixed Overbed Table, W/H-Shape Based On 4 Double Castors (please contact us for purchase)


Overbed Table with AutoliftTM ideal for patients who require a stable and adjustable table for dining, reading, or working. With the AutoliftTM system, the table top can be effortlessly lifted and securely locked into place with just a push. This innovative system helps reduce the risk of entrapment and overturning, ensuring optimal patient safety.
The H and U-shaped base of the table provide maximum stability and are compatible in all care environments.
The plastic tray is designed for easy cleaning and water retention from glass spills. The surface area of the table measures 960mm in width and 490mm in depth, providing ample space for patients to use.
The AutoliftTM Overbed Table weighs only 18.5 kg, making it easy to move and manoeuvre. It has a maximum load capacity of 16 kg, ensuring that it can accommodate a range of items without compromising its stability.
The AutoliftTM Overbed Table offers a secure, adjustable, and easy-to-use solution for patients who require a stable surface for dining, reading, or working. With its innovative AutoliftTM system, patients can easily adjust the table to their desired height, ensuring optimal comfort and safety.

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